How to avoid back pain

According to the latest estimates, back pain affects up to a third of our population. This means that most likely someone close to us is suffering from this pain. A doctor must take care of long-term problems, however in many cases it is possible to avoid a trip to the doctor’s office as long as you start thinking about your back early enough and give it what it needs.

Why back pain occurs

There are many causes of back pain. Among the most common are sitting too long at the computer in a stiff position without a break or stretching, incorrect posture when sitting or walking, being overweight, not having enough exercise or putting physical strain on one area of the body. Drafts and cold are not good for the back either. So, what can you do to avoid back pain? Here are a few well-proven pieces of advice that will help you and your back.

Exercise and move

When we reduce the amount of exercise we do, which decreases with age, our muscles weaken and our tendons shorten. In particular people with a sedentary job suffer from this. It is therefore important to begin moving systematically and make it a regular part of our life. You can start with regular walks, swimming, bike riding or going to the gym. Every activity is beneficial, but always begin slowly and then work your way up.

1. Take breaks at work

The human body is not a machine and for better performance it requires a break at least every two hours. You can use the break to strengthen your muscles rather than drink coffee. You can start by doing stretching exercises, which are simple and feel good and help the body a lot. Weakened muscles are closely connected to back and joint pain.

2. Correct posture when walking

The best way to prevent pain in the back and cervical spine is correct posture. When walking, do not slouch, hold your body and head up. What does this mean? Using an imaginary line, try to connect your ankles, knees, hips, shoulders and ears. If they are truly in line, your posture is correct.  However, with most people there are many individual lines that are not lined up but are connected at different angles. This means unnecessary work for the body as it attempts to align itself. This results in a decrease in energy and eventually fatigue.

3. Sit correctly

This means sitting straight. It is advice that we all heard at school but do not heed as much in adulthood. Your entire back should be leaning against the back of the chair and your body should make an imaginary triangle between the torso, buttocks and knees. Do not slouch and do not lean forward. And if you are used to sitting at the edge of the chair, back pain is just a matter of time. Keep in mind that your head should be up and your shoulders should be back.

4. Watch your weight

The right weight is good for the entire body, not just for the back. Overweight or obesity causes many health problems, including those with the musculoskeletal system. There is no ideal weight, it changes with age and your body type. However, the Body Mass Index (BMI), which considers height and weight, can give you a good idea. The recommended BMI (dividing the weight of the individual by the exponent of his height) is 20-25 for men, 19 to 24 for women. If you want to know absolutely everything about your weight, find out the ratio of muscles and fats in your body from professionals, for example nutritionists or dieticians. Some fitness centers also provide this service.


A massage for relaxing stiff muscles caused by a sedentary job and work at the computer. It has three phases – it begins with a relaxing of the legs from the feet to the buttocks and the lumbar and cervical spine. A part of the procedure is a stimulation of reflex points on the palms to renew the natural flow of energy and a pressure massage of the arms all the way up to the cervical spine.


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