Body detox

Are you tired and lacking energy and joy? If your answer is yes, do not despair. You can improve your body’s functioning fairly easily and quickly. All you have to do is choose the right treatment. Your body will appreciate it and your mind will be delighted.


Body detox

One of the valid ways to help your body is a detox massage. Body detox is a cleansing method that among other things helps to speed up the metabolism and blood circulation as well as to regenerate the entire body. Throughout centuries, it has been one of the basic tools of Indian ayurveda and it is an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine. A detox massage is of course not an all-powerful medicine for all problems in the body, but it will definitely rid your body of many built-up toxins. And it is also good for your mental health.


Where do toxins come from?

Today, toxins are everywhere around us and they build up in the body. In food alone, we can find residues of pesticides, various colorants, preservatives and other chemical substances. In combination with a lack of movement and an unhealthy lifestyle, this is a recipe for many health problems, such as fatigue, little physical performance or problems with the skin or sleeping. For this reason, it is important for the body to continuously get rid of these substances.


Why a detoxing massage?

The human body has a self-cleansing ability; however, it is not all-powerful and it is important to help it out with this. A detoxing massage perfectly promotes and develops this ability. It cleanses the body of harmful substances, provides the body with minerals, promotes cellular oxidation, normalizes the level of hormones and improves the skin. In combination with Thai massages, it improves blood circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system.


How a detoxing massage works

A detoxing massage is a process that consists of several phases and uses well-proven detoxing tools. These are for example Himalayan salt, green and yellow clay and select herbs. The massage begins with a peeling with hydrophilic oil and Himalayan salt. The peeling perfectly promotes blood flow in the skin and removes dead keratin cells. The skin can then much better absorb active herbal extracts during the following oil massage. The fennel and juniper in almond oil with apricot extracts improve the metabolism and help rid the body of excess fluids. This is followed by a detoxing full-body wrap. The green (colloid) clay in the wrap absorbs freed up toxins and the yellow clay provides the skin with many minerals and trace elements that promote the skin’s natural functions. Magnesium oil that promotes blood flow in the skin and skin nourishment is used to increase the detoxing effect. The glycerin and D-panthenol, in combination with Vitamin E, help to hydrate the skin. The synergy of the mixture of essential oils promotes the detoxing effects of the wrap and generates a pleasant, refreshing aroma.






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