Thai massages for pregnant women

Pregnancy and motherhood are some of the most amazing times in a woman’s life. It is also a time when the female body must adjust to many new situations. During this time, women go through important physical and psychological changes that they were not used to before.

In order for women to truly enjoy pregnancy and overcome its obstacles easier, it is necessary to pay much more attention to one’s body. Increased fatigue, swollen feet, headaches and other possible problems associated with this period of life can be reduced. One well-proven way is a Thai massage, which can make pregnancy more pleasant and after which pregnant women will feel great.

What happens in the female body

At the beginning of pregnancy, the body switches to a completely different regime. For instance, weight, the center of gravity and functioning of organs change, and during the first half of pregnancy blood pressure goes down. The heart must greatly increase its performance, because it supplies oxygenated blood not only to the body but also to the uterus and placenta, which nourish the fetus. These physiological changes often cause feelings of fatigue, pain in the muscles, joints and head. This all can also make pregnant women tired and stressed when they should be feeling calm and rested.

Why get a Thai massage when pregnant?

Simply put, to lighten the body and mind. Thai massages are unique in the way that they can provide physical and psychological comfort to the mom and by extension to the baby. Besides reducing unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy, such as annoying headaches, back pain and swollen feet, Thai massages for pregnant women have a positive effect on the strained skin of the belly and thanks to special natural oils and original herbal packs they also help to prevent stretch marks. To make it more comfortable for women in a higher stage of pregnancy, the massage is done while they are lying on their side.

When to get a massage

You can get a massage after your first trimester, definitely not before. Thai massages for pregnant women are safe for the mother and child, however it is important to consider several things.

Before you decide

First of all, it is important to know your health condition well and not to underestimate anything. If you have certain health issues, such as diabetes, an infectious disease or other serious health problems, you should avoid massages.  It also depends where you get a massage. Go only to massage parlors where they have experience with massages for pregnant women and where they have skillful and certified therapists. Only massages done correctly will bring you relief from pain in the muscles, joints or back and will reduce swelling in the feet. If you have any doubts or questions, consult your gynecologist.


Thai massages and pregnancy:

choose only massages for pregnant women,

choose centers with experienced and certified massage therapists,

massages are suitable after first trimester of pregnancy until birth,

massages are not suitable for those having health issues or illnesses.




A relaxing massage for pregnant women after the first trimester of pregnancy to relieve the strained skin of the belly, to prevent stretch marks and to reduce unpleasant headaches and pain in the lumbar spine. The most used and recommended oil is coconut virgin oil, but you can choose from about 10 natural oil scents.

Massages for pregnant women at SABAI have a long tradition and are done by specially trained massage therapists. You can also give someone a massage for pregnant women as a gift – just buy a gift certificate.



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